Journal Club – #2

Atrial Fibrillation driven by micro-anatomic intramural re-entry revealed by simultaneous sub-epicardial and sub-endocardial optical mapping in explanted human hearts

Brian J. Hansen, Jichao Zhao, Thomas A. Csepe, Brandon T. Moore, Ning Li, Laura A. Jayne, Anuradha Kalyanasundaram, Praise Lim, Anna Bratasz, Kimerly A. Powell, Orlando P. Simonetti, Robert S.D. Higgins, Ahmet Kilic, Peter J. Mohler, Paul M.L. Janssen, RaulWeiss, John D. Hummel, and Vadim V. Fedorov

European Heart Journal (2015) 36, 2390-2401 [PubMed]


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