Lab Meeting Weekly Update

  • Our team will be submitting two NIH grants this week
  • Each lab member presented to the entire lab team his or her goals for the summer and fall
    • Lily Al Dammad plans to work with Dr. Geroge to study the effects of cancer drugs on the heart and will learn about AutoCAD and western blot techniques.
    • Rosa Araiza will perform research on LQT Syndrome, learn techniques about the microelectrode array system, the sharp microelectrode process, and optical mapping, and will teach some of the mentioned techniques to other lab members.
    • Dr. Kedar Aras will study the LV in rabbit, canine, and human studies, continue working on various grants, and continue manuscripts on rabbit, canine, and human studies.
    • Jaclyn Brennan will perform projects that will help understand electrophysiological effects of sympathetic stimulation, develop methods to control the electrical activity of the heart, looking at the characterization of the conduction system using novel techniques, and collaborate with other lab members in their projects.
    • Brianna Cathey will finish her 3D printing project with Dr. George, write a paper on her 3D printing project, perform signal analysis and processing with Dr. Aras, and work on the FIBSEM project.
    • Rokhaya Faye will work on her AMGEN project which involves finding the characterization and validation of 5 antiarrhythmic compounds in human slices, study APD alternans mechanisms during rapid pacing, and will compare human slices with cultured slices from fibroblast reprogramming.
    • Dr. Sharon George will continue to work on her DOX project by studying the echo, survival, and ECG, assemble a 3D printed OM system, and work on LKB1 through the use of ECG and optical mapping.
    • Shubham Gupta will finalize panoramic imaging tools with Chris and teach other how to use it and will observe differences in action potential and conduction velocity between two heartbeats.
    • Christian Miccile will soon have a new position in our lab as lab manager, will test John’s tissue device and map slices cultured inside versus cultured in an incubator, and will explore the issues in the JNK study.
    • Sofian Obaid will finish the 3D project and paper with Brianna Cathey, write code for the EKG tunnel data analysis, and will design a pump for John’s organotypic slice culture device.
    • Trisha Talapatra will be testing John’s culture device, learn how to optical map and use AutoCAD, and learning how to isolate mouse atria.

Papers and projects to look out for in the future:

  • Dual cryo-radiofrequency ablation paper by Chris Gloschat
  • Book chapter about conformal electronics by Kedar Aras and Udi Nussinovich

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