Lab Meeting Weekly Update

  • Dr. Efimov just returned from Boston where he attended the Broadview Ventures conference.
  • Aaron Koppel, our lab manager, is leaving our lab to go work at a new position at GW, so he will not be too far from us! Christian Miccile, our soon new lab manager, and Kedar Aras will be stepping up to fill in Aaron’s position.
  • Rosa Araiza presented an article that recently came out titled “Unexpected mutations after CRISPR/CAS9 editing in vivo”.
    • Schaefer, Kellie A., et al. “Unexpected mutations after CRISPR-Cas9 editing in vivo.” Nature Methods 14.6 (2017): 547-548.

Papers and projects to look out for in the future:

  • Gender differences in metabolic gene expression by Aaron Koppel
  • Computational assessment of the functional role of sinoatrial node exit pathways in the human heart in press at PLOS One by Sanjay R Kharche, Edward Vigmond, Igor Efimov, and Halina Dobrzynski
  • Book chapter about conformal electronics by Kedar Aras and Udi Nussinovich

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