Lab Meeting Weekly Update

  • Dr. Efimov has been traveling within the past two weeks, and he discussed with the lab his trips! First, he went to Japan to attend a conference, and then he traveled to Russia also to attend a conference.
  • Dr. Aras updated the lab on the John Rogers lab and Waldo lab collaborations.
  • Brianna, Sofian, and Dr. George will be attending the 7th NHLBI Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Symposium this week, and Brianna and Sofian will be presenting their research.
  • Papers and projects to look out for in the future:
  • Panoramic imaging paper by Dr. Aras
  • Biodegradable pacemaker project by Jaclyn Brennan and Seung-Kyun Kang
  • AV node review by Dr. George

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