Lab Meeting Weekly Update

  • Dr. Efimov has been traveling the past couple weeks. He visited the University of Arkansas to review their graduate Biomedical Engineering programs and visited Taiwan for the Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society annual sessions.
  • Lilly provided a lab update on the doxorubicin project. She has been working with Sharon on the histology to determine any structural remodeling of the heart.
  • Congratulations to all who presented at the BMES Conference in Atlanta this past week:
    • Kedar Aras, “Electrophysiological Profile of Human Right Ventricular Outflow Tract”
    • Jaclyn Brennan, “Development of a Novel Algorithm for Identifying the Leading Pacemaker in Isolated Atrial Preparations from Optical Mapping Studies”
    • Anastasia Carr, “Human Organotypic Cardiac Slices: A Platform Studying Long QT Phenotype”
    • Brianna Cathey, “Open Source Multiparametric Optocardiography”
    • Anna Gams, “Sex Differences in Healthy Human Heart Revealed by Cap Analysis Gene Expression (CAGE)”
    • Aileen Venegas, “Evidence for atrial fibrillation and atrial fibrosis in mouse model of pancreatic cancer”
    • Rose Yin, “Multiparametric slice culture platform for the investigation of human cardiac tissue physiology”

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