Two fo Efimov’s Undergraduate Students Publish Open-Source Optocardiogaphy System in Nature Scientific Reports

Brianna Cathey (B.S. ’19) and Sofian Obaid (B.S. ’18, PhD) published a paper titled Open-Source Multiparametric Optocardiography in Nature Scientific Reports. This paper presents a low-cost, customizable 3D-printed optical mapping system. Optical mapping is a leading tool used in cardiac electrophysiology to study the mechanisms of arrythmias. Despite it’s crucial role in these discoveries, the commercial cost of the necessary mechanical equipment prevents widespread implementation. To overcome this barrier, we designed a scalable 3D-printed assembly that can be customized to adapt to various specialized optical components. This not only reduced the cost of the parts themselves, but also introduced flexibility in creating new experimental protocols for different types of preparations, additional parameters of interest, or different species. In conjunction with the hardware, we have also released a new version of RHYTHM software for voltage and calcium transient analysis.

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