Rose Yin, 2019-2020 Accomplishments, Graduate Student Highlight

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New Honors and Awards!

  • Highest Scoring Abstract Awards Presented to Women in Electrophysiology (Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions, 2020)
  • Terry Collins Distinguished Doctoral Award in Biomedical Engineering (The George Washington University, 2019-2020)
  • Best Graduate Poster in Biomedical Engineering (The George Washington University Research and Design Showcase, 2019)
  • GW Engineering Alumni Scholarship (The George Washington University, 2019)
New peer-reviewed publications (feel free to edit and rearrange words as necessary)
  1. Gutruf, P.*, Yin, R.T.*, … Efimov, I.R., Rogers, J.A. Wireless, battery-free fully implantable multimodal and multisite pacemakers for applications in small animal models,” Nature Comm. (2019). *Contributed equally
  2. Obaid, S.N.*, Yin, R.T.*, … Efimov, I.R., Lu, L. Multifunctional and multilayered flexible biointerfaces for simultaneous co-localized optophysiology and electrophysiology,” AFM (2020). *Contributed equally
  3. Yang, Q., … Yin, R.T., … Rogers, J.A. Materials, Mechanics Designs and Bioresorbable Multisensor Platforms for Pressure Monitoring in the Intracranial Space,” Adv. Func. Mat. (2020).
  4.  Chen, Z.*, Yin, R.T.* … Efimov, I.R., Lu, L. “Flexible and transparent metal oxide/metal grid interfaces for simultaneous electrophysiology and optogenetics,” Adv. Mat. Tech. (Accepted, 2020). *Contributed equally
  5. Yin, R.T., Aras, K.K., Lee, K.B., Panting., J.S., Chen, S.W., Efimov, I.R. “Conformal Electronics for Cardiac Therapeutics.” Emerging Therapeutic Technologies for Heart Diseases. Elsevier Publishing Group, 2020.

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