Optical Imaging of Transmural Voltage, Calcium, and FAD Gradient in Transverse Rat Cardiac Slices – Zach Lin

The understanding of complex dynamic coupling of membrane potential propagation, calcium transient as well as metabolism properties in heart can provide important insights into the substrate for life-threatening arrhythmia. Compared with investigations in ventricular gradients (apex-base axis of the heart), transmural pattern changes of these three parameters along the short axis of the heart are largely unexplored.

Here a robust rat transverse cardiac slicing approach will be developed and used to (1) test the feasibility of this multi-parameter optical imaging system, (2) investigate and compare the properties of transmural V+, Ca2+, and FAD changes in healthy and heart failure rat heart. In the future, such an optical mapping system will also be applied to human sinus node to investigate the trigger of arrhythmia.