Ajit H. Janardhan, MD, PhD


I was a Cardiac Electrophysiology & Cardiovascular Disease Fellow in Dr. Efimov’s lab. My major interests in lab were low energy defibrillation of AF and VT. First, I am developing, refining and testing low energy, multiple-stage defibrillation in a canine model of high rate pacing-induced AF using transvenous, implantable leads. Second, using a canine open chest acute myocardial infarction VT model, I am evaluating low energy, multiple-stage defibrillation therapies. We will translate this strategy to a closed chest canine VT model using implantable leads in the future. The eventual goal of these projects is to design and deliver low energy therapies for defibrillation of AF and VT through implantable devices in humans. I now serve as the Scientific Director of CardioNXT, Inc. in Denver, CO.