Christian Miccile


Lab Manager

I am a postgraduate biomedical engineer from The George Washington University working in Dr. Efimov’s lab.  Currently I oversee the day-to-day operations in Dr. Efimov’s research laboratory.  I maintain, manage, and expand our mouse colony by creating transgenic strains of experimental mice. I manage our human heart sample inventory and database, and ensure environmental and safety compliance.  I also work on the JNK project with John to determine whether or not stress activated kinases play a role in reducing Connexin-43 and conduction velocity in cultured human tissue, through optical mapping and western blots.  I also maintain cultured cardiac slices for up to six days to study potential functional changes in slice electrophysiology and prepare cardiac slices for histology, fresh frozen, RNA analysis, and immunochemistry studies.  In my spare time you can find me at the Earth Treks rock climbing gym in Crystal City or outside at Great Falls Virginia.

Contact Information

The Laboratory of Igor Efimov

Department of Biomedical Engineering

The George Washington University

Science and Engineering Hall

800 22nd Street NW Rm 5100

Washington DC, 20052


T: (202) 994-0621