Devon Guerrelli


I am a senior undergraduate student studying Biomedical Engineering at GWU. I have been in the Efimov lab since September 2015. My main project focuses on using the CLARITY clearing method to optically clear cardiac tissue from mice, rats, and human hearts rejected for transplant. Once clear I label the hearts with various antibodies and image them using a two-photon/confocal microscope to visualize the 3D distribution of various proteins. I am also working on various projects with the surgical resident in the Efimov Lab. We are working with the John Rogers Lab from Northwestern University to develop a survival procedure to implant a wireless, flexible, and biodegradable pacemaker in mice and rats. I also assist Alejandro in optically mapping perfused segments of the right ventricular outflow tract to identify possible arrhythmogenic regions. Finally, we are working on a collaboration with the Nanofabrication & Imaging Center at GW and the VA medical center to analyze the effects of hyperglycemia in endothelial cells from the internal thoracic arteries and saphenous vein grafts at a subcellular level using a FIB-SEM microscope.