Sofian Obaid


I am  currently a senior majoring in biomedical engineering. As an undergraduate, I hope to gain a variety of research skills to maximize my potential in applying to graduate school. My focus area in the lab is 3D printing and design, a tool utilized by most members of the lab for the development of optical mapping accessories. Brianna and I designed and assembled a fully-3D printable optical mapping system for tandem-lens optical mapping studies of whole Langendorff-perfused mouse hearts and rat cardiac slices. The system bypasses the cost of industrial grade equipment and can easily be modified for various protocols.  I also designed a multichannel, low-power syringe pump and peristaltic pump that provide medium circulation for a high-throughput pre-clinical drug testing system that John Qiao is working on. I currently assist Dr. Sharon George in the DOX project by recording mouse ECGs, developing code to analyze EKG data, and collecting and culturing slices of human cardiac tissue for optical mapping experiments.