Trisha Talapatra


I am a current undergraduate student studying biomedical engineering at GW. I began my time at the Efimov Lab in May 2016 under the leadership of graduate research assistant, John Yun Qiao. During my first summer, I imaged immunofluorescent slides with confocal/fluorescence microscopes in order to determine the presence of certain connexins in the human SAN tissue samples. Other tasks which I perform in the lab include updating and taking inventory of antibodies and chemicals used in the lab, making solutions for human heart experiments, and assisting to breed a transgenic line of mice for evaluation of an implantable wireless device for optogenetic stimulation/defibrillation of the heart. Currently, I am assisting John to test his tissue culture device. This includes preparing the media and samples for testing and communicating with his collaborators about changes that need to be addressed to ensure the successful functionality of the culture device. In addition, I am also learning how to optical map human heart slices, using MATLAB programs to analyze data, and learning how to use CAD software. During my time in the lab, my goal remains and has remained to learn as much as I can about different topics and techniques in an engineering-specific lab setting.

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