Rose Yin

Rose Yin

Rose is a second year PhD student studying cardiac electrophysiology with Dr. Igor Efimov.

Promoting health through technology has been at the core of Rose’s passion for biomedical engineering because of her involvement in research and community outreach. Rose serves as the teaching assistant for Principles and Practices of Biomedical Engineering. She is the Mentorship Chair for GW Compass to connect STEM graduate students to mentorship opportunities like Techbridge Girls. Rose also serves as the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Ambassador for the GW SEAS Admissions Office. Her research projects include:

  • A automated, microfluidic, fully-enclosed system to achieve long-term culture of human cardiac slices to preserve the electrical and mechanical properties of these cardiac slices in long-term culture. [Pubmed]
  • Fully implantable, battery-free electrical and biodegradable pacemakers in collaboration with Dr. John Rogers at Northwestern University.
  • Selective optical defibrillation of the excitable gap to terminate ventricular arrhythmias in mice.
  • Optographene stimulation.


  • Bachelor’s of Science, Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, 2017.

Honors and Awards:

  • American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship 
  • Highest Scoring Abstract Awards Presented to Women in Electrophysiology (Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions, 2020)
  • Terry Collins Distinguished Doctoral Award in Biomedical Engineering (The George Washington University, 2019-2020)
  • Best Graduate Poster in Biomedical Engineering (The George Washington University Research and Design Showcase, 2019)
  • GW Engineering Alumni Scholarship (The George Washington University, 2019)

Leadership Experiences:

  • GW SEAS Graduate Admissions Office Graduate Ambassador
  • GW Compass Mentorship Chair
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Recent Publications


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    • Chen, Z.*, Yin, R.T.* … Efimov, I.R., Lu, L. “Flexible and transparent metal oxide/metal grid interfaces for simultaneous electrophysiology and optogenetics,” Adv. Mat. Tech. (Accepted, 2020). *Contributed equally 
    • Yin, R.T., Aras, K.K., Lee, K.B., Panting., J.S., Chen, S.W., Efimov, I.R. “Conformal Electronics for Cardiac Therapeutics.” Emerging Therapeutic Technologies for Heart Diseases. Elsevier Publishing Group, 2020.
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