Loubna Al Dammad


I am a junior undergraduate student studying Biomedical Engineering at GW. I have started working as an undergraduate research assistant at The Efimov Laboratory in January 2017. My main project is to assist Dr. George with her research studying the effects of the cancer drug (doxorubicin) on the heart. I image the mice slides using a Leica Inverted Microscope in order to determine any structural remodeling that may have occurred in the heart and analyze those images. My other tasks in the lab include maintaining a database of clinical information on human hearts used for research studies, organizing the tissues used in the experiments in the freezer farm inventory, and organizing the invoice for the lab. Currently I’m learning AutoCAD in order to design and print lab equipment for experiments. I am learning the Weston Blotting Technique, tissues analysis and how to optical map human heart slices. My future goal in the cardiovascular engineering lab is to gain engineering skills and expand my knowledge as much as I can.